2019 Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath China (KBC)----MONGA


The annual China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition (KBC, KITCHEN & BATHROOM CHINA) was held from May 27 to May 30, 2019 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC). The Shanghai Show, which is known as the "Kitchen and Bathroom Weathervane", has always attracted brands and is a major event in the industry. Monga gathered momenta and attended Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition again with a new attitude, bringing many new products and sharing the secret of healthy and private life, bringing surprises to customers!

During this KBC show, in the 250 square meters of Monga brand pavilion, with the theme of "strong lineup and luxury experience", as one of the national drafting units, Guangdong Monga Intelligent Kitchen and Bath Co., Ltd. brought a variety of smart models to Shanghai New International Expo Center, where many new technology applications such as radar sensing, smart programs, intelligent foot control, zero water pressure and many new development and design full-function models made debuts .

The market investment landing plan was ready to launch a strong support policy, and the booth with sufficient attraction & interesting focus will become the hall's smart star brand.To provide quality guarantee and sincerely service. Monga has launched a 6-year VIP warranty service for smart toilets, which provides consumers with a more secure and comfortable quality guarantee for purchasing smart toilets..

Monga’s positioning employed the principle that the future intelligent technology is to guide the progress of the backbone community, sharing the secret of a healthy and private life, and convey the feeling of happiness; not only tell you a story of tasteful home, but also shape you as a person with a story, help You become the protagonist of the story; interpret the beauty and emotion of human experience, appreciate the height of life, faithfully uphold the values of the company's founder and inherit the belief of the Monga brand.

We adhere to the concept of "Every home should have a Monga smart toilet". Regardless of product quality, product after-sales service, and product demand, Monga has been contributing to China's smart toilet industry. Monga firmly believe that Monga is a pioneer on the road of intelligent revolution, struggling for the smart industry, insist in principle that Chinese Smart Sanitary Ware creat in China!