International Ceramics Exhibition (BEIJING)----Monga


As "The ceramics Capital of China", Chaozhou is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing ceramic production areas in the country. From August 2nd to 5th, the 2019 China (Beijing) International Ceramics Exhibition and the 7th China Ceramics Culture and Art Creative Design Exhibition was held in Beijing as scheduled. Chaozhou City set up Chaozhou Ceramics exhibition hall in this show .

In Chaozhou ceramics exhibition hall , the total booth area is 1663 square meters, with a total of about 184 standard booths. Monga highlights the core of this exhibition boutique, exhibiting a new type of intelligent spa toilet without cistern. The outstanding is Intelligent core radar sensing technology application in the toilet , when a person approaches, the radar could sense it and toilet cover will automatically open, or you can also use your feet to turn the toilet seat.At last, the cover will automatically close and flush when leaving.

At the same time ,in order to highlight the innovative features of Chaozhou Sanitary Ware, Monga has brought slim-edged basins to the show. The slim-edge basin breaks through the constraints of the thick , heavy, and awkward of traditional ceramic basin products, making the basin more slim. The thickness is only 1.5 cm, while the thickness of the ordinary middle-edge basin is generally 4cm~5 cm, Monga’s technology is ahead of the industry.

Ceramics are a unique creation of the Chinese People , an art treasure of Chinese civilization, carrying an important mission, spreading the millennium civilization, promoting Sino-foreign trade, promoting cultural exchanges, and making outstanding contributions to the progress and development of human society. Monga is delighted to carry the long history and culture of Chaozhou, exerts its corporate mission of “four beams and eight pillars”, and explores a new height with the global pattern of innovative development, health and environmental protection, and gratitude to society.