Reporter interviews general manager


The 17th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (referred to as "Guangzhou Fair") on July 8, 2015 --11 was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, as the sanitary authority of the media industry, a new concept media team ( Jie in Chaozhou distributor network) into the show, live interviews dream good bathroom marketing Director Guo Longhua.

The network Jie: Today is the second day of the show, so far, do you think the exhibition of the flow of people how to do?
Kwok: I think today than yesterday increased the flow of people, the overall feeling better than in previous years, because in previous years the exhibition dealers more concentrated in a particular region, this year various regions of the country have distributors over, but really came looking Get product manufacturers is still relatively small.

The clean Net: that the dream of good and "interbath" two brands of the difference between what it?
Kwok: the dream of good mainly for the domestic general market, "interbath" British Interbath is to use science and technology of South Korea international brands, mainly for the domestic high-end stores.
The clean Net: enterprise relationship with dealers is a two-way choice, in terms of investment, the dream of good sanitary dealer What are the requirements, what is the quality of auto dealers do you think?
Kwok: Because of our high-end brand positioning, so dealers have higher requirements. First, the dealer should have a certain strength, has represented the brand for the domestic and international brands, with annual sales of more than 8-10 million; secondly, to be so high in "Redstar", "Easyhome" store sales, we can be assured that our brand handed over their operations.
The clean Net: Guangzhou after the end of the show, what good bathroom dream project?
Kwok: We plan to Guangzhou after the exhibition, screening out customer follow-up visits, and send professionals to store their overall renovation, overall display products for professional counseling. At the same time, we will have at the show received customer feedback and suggestions digestion and absorption, so that future research and development of new energy closer to the consumer, more to meet consumer demand.
The net clean: the bathroom industry capacity increasing, many companies not only do their own brand, but also OEM production, how you look at OEM production? Kwok: OEM for a company just starting out, it does play a positive role, but with the development of enterprises, independent brands mature, OEM should be bigger and fewer, more focused on product quality and operating its own brand of promotion. Very grateful to the bathroom manufacturers in the dream of good sanitary fledgling trust and support of those years, without their support today might not dream of good achievements. In the future, we will be one of deep plowing in the field of intelligent bathroom down, continue to do their own advantages, so that each product is perfect.
The Jie Network: How do you think this one kind of event marketing, there are those that you think is worth marketing enterprises to try it? Kwok: I think the most fundamental product, as long as the product well, naturally attract the exhibition staff. We have two major local traditional marketing model: First, OEM, that is OEM-based; the second is the marketing end market, the product itself by word of mouth to promote its advantages and expand the influence of the products. Good bathroom dream now is in the "active marketing + sales to be" in terms of effort.