Monga 2016 KBC Shanghai


June 4, Asia's largest and most influential international exhibition kitchen - Shanghai International Exhibition concluded. Looking back four days, dream of good intelligence hall, N5E12, crowds, customers flocked to the dream of good smart new product design is also full of praise.

Brand strength
Monga positioned for future smart technology to lead the backbone of the community progress of the road, teach you healthy personal tips to enjoy life, to convey the feeling of happiness; not only for you to tell a taste of home, but also create you a story of people helping you become protagonist of the story; interpretation of humanity to experience the beauty and emotion, a taste of life highly, faithfully adhering to the founder's values and heritage Monga brand conviction, to build specialization, scale, brand of eco-smart bathroom internet.

Team strength
Moving customers
Thanksgiving Monga
A sense of future heart
Efforts! Come on!
This is the slogan from the dream of good "life a potential" team. The Shanghai exhibition An impressive, inseparable from the team's dream of good pay. Constantly refresh the record, and constantly challenge the limits, even far away in Chaozhou small series can feel from the big Shanghai exhibition passion.

Customer force
Chi-made dream of good high quality standards starting to establish user experience zero distance service bridge, the name of love touched by customers. During the exhibition, visitors flocked to the more admiring the customer site to sign power of attorney region. Thanksgiving, a sense of heart! Thank you for coming.